I just made it back down the mountain and had to share this! Today I visited the beautiful Rhododendron Gardens at Roan Mountain State Park. And for those who don’t know, this is the LARGEST natural stand of Catawba Rhododendron on the planet!

As we drove up the winding roads that lead to this gorgeous hidden wonder it felt like we were traveling to another world! Everything is so much greener with life. It’s like our own little Rain Forest in Carter County.

This wasn’t the first time I had made the trip however. Every year since I was just a kid my family has made sure that we get to see the Rhododendrons as they begin to blossom in the middle of June. These photos show just the beginning of their blooming. If you want to catch them in their peak you should come out this weekend, June 19 & 20, for the 64th Annual Rhododendron Festival! There will be crafters, folkway demonstrators, musicians and all of the best southern food you can stand!

And don’t fret if you cant make it this weekend, Roan Mountain is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year! And in any kind of weather for that matter! During my visit today I bumped into a couple of real nice ladies from Chuckey and Hickory. This is Nina and Maxine, a couple of fellow adventurers taking in some of the great views Roan Mountain has to offer. The rain didn’t slow them down any!

So the next time you’re driving through this neck of the woods don’t forget to stop by and see one of the most gorgeous displays of natural beauty in the world!