If you’ve ever been to Bristol, you’ve seen the 53-foot-tall “Bristol Sign” on State Street.

And this year, the city’s foremost icon and symbolic fixture turns 100 years old.

When the sign was built in 1910, it was a marketing tool–built in an effort to sweeten Bristol’s image for business development. In fact, instead of the “Good Place to Live” tagline (that we all know so well), the sign read “Push. That’s Bristol.” The new slogan was added 11 years later.

With more than 1,300 bulbs, the sign serves as a constant reminder of Bristol’s heritage–bringing cities, states, and people together in a picturesque downtown. And beginning April 30, the city plans to celebrate the sign’s birthday with a host of concerts, variety shows, workshops, photo contests, art exhibits, and (most likely) an appearance by legendary TV personality Willard Scott.

It’s a milestone year for the city’s most recognized icon. Here’s to another 100 years under the famous “Bristol Sign.”